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The Academy

Traditional Martial Arts Instruction
Since 1973

Our academy maintains a 5,250 sq. ft. facility totally dedicated to the teaching of HapKiDo to men and women in Ridgeland, Mississippi, and offers the utmost in traditional HapKiDo instruction for those who are more interested in learning than they are in the color of their belt.

With its origins in Korea, Hapkido is a practical self-defense martial art with a focus on real life situations.

Hapkido Martial Arts
Women's Self Defense


Our instructors average 15-25 years of experience. It is not uncommon for there to be over 200 years of experience on the floor during class.


Martial arts are steeped in tradition of courtesy and respect. We continue these traditions, while having fun.


Our instructors and students have a dedication and determination to achieve and teach excellence.

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I was warmly welcomed and was amazed at the vast knowledge that I was in the company of.

Vast Knowledge