West's Hapkido Academy

Traditional Martial Arts Instruction
Since 1973

  • Hapkido martial arts seminars

Our academy maintains a 5,250 sq. ft. facility totally dedicated to the teaching of HapKiDo to men and women in the Jackson suburb of Ridgeland, Mississippi, and offers the utmost in traditional HapKiDo instruction for those who are more interested in learning than they are in the color of their belt.

What is Hapkido?

With its origins in Korea, Hapkido is a practical self defense martial art with a focus on real life situations.
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What sets us apart?

More important than the rank of our instructors, is the time they have into their training. Our senior ranking instructors have over 25 years in Hapkido. Often times classes will have over 100 years of experience on the floor, with beginners working one-on-one with a black belt, being supervised and instructed by our 25+ year instructors.

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